Specialist Assessments

  • Deafblind specialist assessment under Section 7 "social care for deafblind children and adults" LAC (2001)8.
  • Assessment of functional vision/hearing and advice on the implications for learning and development
  • Communication needs assessments and support to develop appropriate communication systems

Support to families, education, social and health care professionals

  • Assistance to develop individualised educational and social/leisure programmes including target-setting, teaching strategies and modifications to the curriculum
  • Support to develop appropriate services including combined educational and home care wraparound packages with ongoing mentoring
  • Ongoing support for professional development including facilitating networks and staff mentoring
  • Intervenor training and on-going support and mentoring
  • Direct support to learners with multisensory impairments through intervention, observation and assessment
  • Provision of ongoing assessment of visual, auditory and tactile functioning