3 day Intervenor Training!

Developing Champions for Learners who are Deafblind and Multisensory Impaired

Our next course will be held September 16th, 19th, 20th at the Children & Family trust Wakefield      
Ideal if you wish to develop your work with individuals who are Deafblind or wish to work as an Intervenor

Three days intensive training, professional mentoring throughout the course and an optional support visit to your setting

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We can develop bespoke training and workshops to meet your requirements on all aspects of sensory impairment including advice and updates on national developments and best practice in the sensory field.

  • Assistance in planning for and implementing statutory duties under the SEN and Disability Discrimination Act
  • Deafblind Awareness (multisensory impairment/MSI)
  • Implications of MSI and useful strategies
  • Implications of hearing impairment and useful strategies
  • implications of visual impairment and useful strategies
  • Developing communication without hearing and vision
  • Learning through multisensory approaches

The following courses will be available throughout the year or may be commissioned by individual settings and organisations.

Please contact us for further information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deafblind/MSI Awareness Training

An Introductory Day for people working with children who are Deafblind and Multisensory Impaired exploring:

  • implications for learning
  • communication strategies
  • useful resources

One Day

Making Sense of the World

An in depth exploration of strategies you can use to facilitate the learning and development of a child with sensory impairments

One day


A focus on specific strategies to promote communication and interaction with children who are deafblind and multisensory impaired. This course is delivered over two terms aiming to develop personal practice and includes the option of a support visit to your setting.

Two days over a term and support visit to setting

Intervenor Training

Developing Champions for Children who are Deafblind and Multisensory Impaired - Intervenor Training. In depth training delivered over 3 days, appropriate for staff working closely in a 1:1 support role or for those who promote the needs of this population across a setting. The course covers:

  • Implications of sensory impairment on development and learning
  • Communication and strategies to support its development
  • How to facilitate access to learning
  • Developing sensory and communication profiles

Three days including on going mentoring and optional support visit into the setting make this course unique

This training is accredited by CPD Standards Office

Deaf Awareness

Designed to support local organisations and community groups develop awareness of the needs of young people who are deaf or have hearing impairment.

The Growing Brain

We have recently been certified by Zero to Three to deliver training on the growing brain and early development of infants and young children